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Your sawmill shopping experience is very important to Norwood. We have optimized this website for Canadian residents to make the process of configuring your sawmill and accessories as easy and trouble-free as possible. If you’ve come to this page without having first visited our main website, please click HERE and explore our full line of products, our company, and our manufacturing philosophy.

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We hope you’ll find using this eStore an efficient way to order your Norwood sawmill. If at any time, you are unsure of your option choices, select the item in the left-side panel to get a little more information about the product. Still need a little help choosing? Click HERE to learn more, or email or call us directly.

Certain sawmill configurations have prerequisites, for example for trailer-equipped or hydraulic-equipped models. To make these dependant choices easier to identify, we have disabled them from selection until the minimum requirements have been met.

The eStore contains many selection choices in the main screen panel. These are arranged in three groups to make selecting the correct options easy. Please note, after you’ve configured your sawmill, the links for Blades & Accessories as well as Log Handling Tools will be enabled.

Start by choosing the Norwood sawmill model that is right for you.

Norwood Sawmills LumberPro HD36 Portable Sawmill

LumberPro HD36 Portable Sawmill. Mill hardwood and softwood logs up to 36” (90cm) in diameter, slice boards up to 28” (70cm) wide and process wood of any length (standard 13 feet). Get started affordably today with the Pro in its standard manual configuration. Then, as your milling operation grows, add commercial-capacity options, including hydraulic and power attachments. The Norwood LumberPro is the only mill that can take you from manual to fully-hydraulic, whenever you're ready.

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Norwood Sawmills LumberMate LM29 Portable Sawmill

LumberMate LM29 Portable Sawmill. Mill hardwood and softwood logs up to 29” (73cm) in diameter and cut valuable lumber up to 22” (55cm) wide and of unlimited length (standard-12'8"). This is the portable bandsaw mill you've been waiting for! Easy-to-use, versatile, productive, reliable ... and affordable!

Click here to configure LumberMate LM29 Portable Sawmill
Norwood Sawmills LumberMan MN26 Manual Portable Sawmill

LumberMan MN26 Manual Portable Sawmill. Mill hardwood and softwood logs up to 26" (65cm) in diameter, cut boards up to 17" (42.5cm) wide and of unlimited length.

Configure LumberMan MN26 Manual Portable Sawmill
Norwood Sawmills PortaMill PM14 Chainsaw Sawmill

PortaMill PM14 Chainsaw Sawmill. Convert your logs into valuable lumber with your chainsaw, a ladder and the Norwood PortaMill chainsaw sawmill. Mill hardwood and softwood logs up to 14” (35cm) in diameter. It’s the perfect sawmill if you need to mill in very remote locations, your sawmilling needs are occasional, or you need to move your sawmill by ATV, small car, boat or airplane.

Configure Norwood Sawmills PortaMill PM14 Chainsaw Sawmill